Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why? By Leah F.


By Leah F.

When did you accept Christ? When did you decide to give your life to God? And most importantly; why did you accept Christ?
I know from personal experience, that lot of kids accept Christ because their parents are Christians. They grow up going to church every Sunday, they pray before each meal; and then some time when there little, the parents pray with them to accept Jesus into their hearts. But sometimes because we grow up with these circumstances, we don't really realize what accepting God is really about.
Now, whenever you grow up not in a Christian family, you might see things a little differently. You didn't grow up with the church and reading the Bible, you accepted God by your own. Sometimes, this example might be a bit "healthier" for a Christian, because it puts life in a different light.
Whenever you accepted Jesus, did your life change? Did you look at the way you live in a new way? Most times, whenever you grow up in a Christian family, you might not feel that way. Life stays the same since that was the way you were raised. But if you accepted Christ yourself, when you didn't grow up with Christ, you might see things differently. You see your lifestyle change, and you notice maybe how your actions might of dishonored God before you found him.
Now, back to the point. We sometimes need to think about why we accept God. Should we accept him because we are told to, or because we see our need for him? Answer: b *ding ding ding!* We need to realize why we accept God.
We need to take time in our day to think about how we are saved and why we are saved. We need to thank God for bringing his word to us, and we need to try and bring him to others. So, this week I would really like you to think about why you accepted Christ into your heart.


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