Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What Would Jesus Do? By Liz M.

What Would Jesus Do?

By Liz M.

"No is my final answer young lady," Mom said, slamming down the lid to the fryer.

"You are totally unfair!" I yelled at her, then stormed down to my room and slammed the door.

I ran and jumped onto my bed and buried my face in my arms.

"Why couldn't I have been more like Jesus then?" I asked myself. "I bet he never talked to Mary like that when he was on earth.

Do you ever find yourself thinking along those lines? I know I have, whether it's with your parents, siblings or everyday life. But we still don't ask it enough. It's not that we can ever be perfect, but we need to make an effort each morning and think about how you can remember it. Also, study the Bible to see what Jesus actually did, so you can be more like him.


Letter Beads



String the letter beads on the yarn so it says: "What Would Jesus Do?" Tie it around your wrist and make sure you can slip it on and off your wrist. Cut off the yarn. Wear it and remember!


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