Thursday, January 16, 2014

Making Your time - Time for God, By Lauren L.

Making Your time - Time for God

By Lauren L.
The lives that we all live are often so overwhelming and busy.
 List of things to do:
1. Homework, revision, exam preparation
2. Visit family members
3. Meet up with friends
4. Tidy room
5. Help out around the house
6. Go to clubs - (Youth club, after schools clubs etc)
7. Get shower/bath and wash my hair
8. Go to the dentist
9. Go to the doctors
10. Help out at church events
11. Go get presents for friends/family members' birthdays
I'm sure you can all relate to the above, or at least a few of the examples, but seriously, do you ever just have those days when you feel so tired and exhausted by everything you have to do and you still haven’t done all the things you wanted to do? Sometimes you might have so much work for school that you can’t do it all and you might just have to choose one school subject to focus and work on, never mind finding time for family, friends or even God! Does this sound familiar?
Yes, it does, because it is! We all live busy lifestyles. But is that an excuse to keep putting off prayer, not going to church or our fellowship groups  or just generally working on our friendship with God? “God understands that I’m busy He wont mind  Ill go to church next week so its ok if I miss this one Sunday,  I’m sure I wont be the only one not there tonight, everyone understands cause they are busy too”.
No! It’s not an excuse! Don’t get me wrong - I understand that it’s so, so, so hard to find time for God because we always have so many other things we need/want to do. But the thing is we don’t always have to make specific time for God - I mean we don’t have to go out of our way to have quiet, chilled time giving God our undivided attention, although that is important to do when we can. When we are busy, it's better to make our time godly time than give God none of our time.
For example, instead of just saying I had too much work to do last night so its not my fault I didn’t have time for God, I could make time in the morning while I'm getting ready or when I'm in the car on the way to school. Pray to God and give him a wee bit off your time! Let Him know that although you have been extremely busy, you will never be too busy for Him! It might not be perfect, but it's better to show God that you are making the effort to find time for Him, than to not show any signs that you even care. Just remember we have a very special, very important and very unique friendship with the Lord our Heavenly Father, and just like all friendships, we need to put the time and effort into them to make them strong.
This is just like anything else - to do well in school, we need to spend time on homework or things we find difficult. How about the gym? If we are dedicated and go there on a weekly basis for an hour or more, we will see better results and feel better than the person who goes once a month for half an hour.
The same applies to us with God... So think! Think, am I making enough time for God to ensure I have the strongest friendship I can have with Him, or am not doing enough to spend time with Him?


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