Thursday, January 16, 2014

What does life have in store for us? By Joy W.

What does life have in store for us?

By Joy W.

There are puzzles and riddles to solve each day of our lives, people pulling us down or edging us to move on - perhaps there could be something more in store for us?
Can we gladly lay hands on something with all hopes hearts and say what a wonderful thing we have got. I am happy with this? Even the families we live with, sometimes we despise them and they despise us. What kind of lives are we living? Lives to satisfy our own selves or the people around us, or lives to please God?
Life is not full of pleasantries to enjoy for with every good thing there is something sour attached to it. A preacher once said, “This school we call life everybody passes through" - that is what God has planned for you.
With all it’s up and downs life is to mold you into that beautiful thing He has for you. If you value life, you will be able to live it with care and gratitude.
You don’t talk of what life has in store for you are to face and receive that which it has in store for you. The more able you are facing and dealing with its problems, the stronger and tougher you become.
Life is a race but not for the swift or strong but for the one with grace. Grace is that, not because of the many things you are, your capabilities or what you have or abilities and talents, but because God found you and wants you and nobody else can replace you. Many are called but only a few like you are chosen.
What you are going through is not your own doing; it's not that life is not fair but its identifying the problem and facing it. That’s why you are there.
You can have all you want but you will never be satisfied because there are thing your soul yearns for it doesn’t have - and that is Christ.
It's not always getting, you know that, its also giving, for in giving we receive. Somebody said some people live life in a rush because instead of taking their time they rush and in the long run they realize they are doing it for no reason and life is sitting far behind watching them.
And another one said in school, we have a time table. A time to learn and a time to take a break and relax the mind. When it’s time for all these, there is a bell boy or a drummer or the siren which signals as to have a change in our lesson or for a break. And in the same way life has got its own time table; our alarm here is the language of life. So that when you take one particular strategy for some time and it goes on well but along the time doesn’t seem to work, you change tactics like the game of football.
And he asks, do you know the difference between these two time tables? The differences are that with the school time table (the end) is determined by man and his resources, but with life the only determiner is GOD!!! So that when you see that things are not going on well you call on Him who has all power and authority and resources and He will see you through. He says, “I will give you everything” and do you know the condition that comes with this? “Just ASK”.
Have you asked and not received? Have you knocked and the door was not opened, have you sought and you did not find? (Matt 7:7) ask and shall be given to you seek and you will find know and the door will be opened unto you. Look at the birds of the air they do not sow nor reap but yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not more precious than they?
He says I know the plans I have for you they are not of ill but good plans that will proper you and take you to the next level. What other words can be sweeter than this?


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