Thursday, January 16, 2014

Friendship, By Lauren L.


By Lauren L.

What does friendship mean to you? Does it mean having someone there for you through tough times someone to be your wings when you forget how to fly? Does it mean having someone who knows your mistakes knows everything about you but still loves you and accepts you for who you really are?  Does it mean having someone who you know will always be there and will never let you down? Does it mean having someone in your life who always wants the best for you? If I asked you to write a list of qualities that your perfect best friend would have would you your list look like this?
1. Faithful
2. Caring
3. Genuine
4. Trustworthy
5. Loyal
6. Loving
7. Encouraging
8. Forgiving
9. Thoughtful
10. Understanding
I personally think friendship is a very important and special part of life. All the things I have written about above are things I look for in a friend. All my life I have been searching for a best friend just like I have described above but I never found one like that however now I realize that my best friend has been waiting for me all my life, His name is Jesus and He has all the things that I could possibly  want in a friend and I know that no matter what happens I’ll always have Him. I have friends that have some of the things listed above and I know I'm lucky to have them and I always thank God for them. However, I know Jesus is my ultimate best friend. I just needed to open my eyes and see that He has always been there, just waiting for me to let Him be my best friend.

Jesus is my best friend because I can be sure He will never let me down and I can talk to Him about anything because He can relate to me through everything He went through on Earth. He can understand when I am hurt, sad, lonely, happy, joyful, isolated, disappointed and excited because He has felt all these feelings Himself; He is just like us - when He was here on Earth He wept. So when we weep, He will be able to relate to us and feel our pain.
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