Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Path of Purity, By Hannah H.

The Path of Purity

By Hannah H.

As Christian girls in this crazy generation, it is hard to keep our bodies, hearts, and thoughts pure sometimes.
You know how you can stay pure in heart, mind, and body? It's simple really, not always easy, but so simple.
Psalm 119: 9-10 says
"How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to my word. I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands."
Wow. Powerful words. To stay on the path of purity, you've just got to obey God and His Word, seek Him, and don't stray from His commands.

All right, imagine this situation. You're walking down the hallway, and you notice a poster about the school dance coming up in a couple of weeks. You zone out in dream land as you imagine yourself walking into the dance wearing that tiny dress that you saw in the store window last week. You'd look so pretty, and you would really get all the guys attention. You look down at what you're wearing now. It probably wasn't anymore pleasing to God than that dress you wanna go buy after school. A low cut top and tiny shorts. But, you decided it was okay, since you were hoping for someone, like maybe the most popular guy in school, to ask you to the dance. You return back to reality so you aren't late for math class. And just as you walk in, you remember that you forgot your homework! What are you going to do? And just in the nick of time, you see the homework of the smartest kid in the class laying right next to your desk. She must have dropped it. And now she's at the teacher's desk explaining the teacher that she must have left it at home and asking if she can bring it next week. The teacher isn't in a good mood. So now, this girl's got an F. Unless, you give her her paper. Or, you pick it up, erase her name from the top, and turn it in as yours. Oh well, you decide. After all, she is the smartest girl in class. One F won't hurt. After you turn it in and begin heading to your next class, you're feeling just a bit guilty. before you can think any more about it, the quarter back and the hottest guy in school stops you.
"Hey, I was wondering. You think you wanna go to the dance?" Your heart is pounding and you can hardly believe your ears!
"All right, sweet! Pick you up at 8?"
"Uhh..y-yeah!" Must be that outfit. Hmmm...just one problem. This guy, well he's always been known for his parties and sometimes sleeping around with girls. Oh well, you know where you stand and you'll be fine. As the weeks go on, you find yourself listening to bad music, going to parties, getting a little too physical with your new boyfriend, wearing revealing clothes, and you don't go to church much anymore. This is what happens when you compromise your values. Every choice you make leads to another. When you decide that something is okay, everything else is also. This week (and the next, and the next) remember not to compromise where you stand, don't be afraid to say no. God will bring Mr. Right into your life, and He will provide everything you need! Stay on the path of purity!


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