Thursday, January 16, 2014

Worship Him, By Makaeyla Z.

Worship Him

By Makaeyla Z.

When Jesus was born, all kinds of people came to see Him, and He was brought to the temple where two people recognized Him as the Savior. And they all worshiped. There were the shepherds, the wise men, a widow, and a man.
Shepherds were kind of the equivalent to a garbage man or janitor, and they were usually teenagers. The kings or, you know the three wise men, were at the top of the food chain (for a lack of better words) and they were typically older men.
Then we have the widow who was only married for seven years before her husband died (keep in mind at this time women got married between the ages of 13 and 15, up to 30 years old). She was eighty-four years old; she had been alone a long time. But she chose to serve the Lord - she was identified in the Bible as a prophetess, who spent all of her time at the temple, where she praised God.
And finally there was the man Simeon. The Holy Spirit told him that he wouldn't die until he saw Jesus. He was waiting, like so many people, for God to come and save His people, the Jews.
So what I'm trying to say is, you need to worship if your a youth (shepherds), an adult (the widow), a man (Simeon), a women (widow), rich (Wise men), poor (shepherds), single (widow), or not single (Simeon was probably married). Give glory to God, and worship!


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