Thursday, January 16, 2014

Food or Rocks? By Kaylee S.

Food or Rocks?

By Kaylee S.
Sometimes when I read the Bible it’s really hard to understand.  I have to read it over and over and sometimes that helps me, but a lot of times it doesn’t.  My dad told me if I really want to know the Bible, I have to know what Israel was like back in the days of Jesus.
I love history and I thought this would be really fun.  Well, I was reading Matthew chapter 7 and I didn’t really see anything about Israel’s history.  But when I read verse 9 I started laughing so hard.  I was thinking that this must be the Jesus comedy hour!  I read it again and I couldn’t stop laughing.  I though those people couldn’t be that stupid… or could they? 
Matthew 7:9 it says: Or which one of you, if his son asks him for bread, will give him a stone?  I thought that’s a really cruel dad that would do that!  Then I thought what would I do if my dad did that to me?  If I asked my dad for 5 dollars and he gave me a pumpkin, I would think “Kaylee, he’s starting to lose it!”  But then I was thinking that maybe Jesus was saying it so easy, or making it so simple that they would really understand.
Maybe Jesus said such a stupid thing, so that they would believe Him when they asked Him for something.  So if I ask Jesus to help me get a better grade in math, will He give me a better grade in History?  I think if we ask Jesus for something that’s going to really help us, we should believe Him that He’ll give us what we ask Him for!


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