Thursday, January 16, 2014

Faith, By Chadia M.


By Chadia M.
Hebrews 11:1 tells us that to have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for and to be certain of the things we cannot see. I can frankly tell you that the first time I read this verse, years ago, I was "full of admiration," not knowing why. All I could say was that this verse was incredible.
That was years ago. Then what about now? Believe me or not but this verse is being, these last days, my bread, my drink, my hiding place, my hope.... More than ever, I know what it means to believe God. These last days, I’ve been in a situation I would have never thought I would get out safe. I was put in front of two choices: to choose to serve God and let Him be my priority or to go on living my way, putting my studies and my desires first. With all my heart, I wished I could choose God, but logic said the contrary in my mind. If you’ve not been in a similar situation, you cannot understand. You can say that you should have easily chosen God, but is it real??? Imagine having to choose between something your life has been built all around and a God you can’t even see or touch. I was in such a situation. My life has always been organized around my studies, my personal schedule has always been planned after my class schedule, and I have always succeeded in class. What that means is that my studies have always been my pride but also my family’s pride. So would you still easily change all that matters for your personal success in order to serve God? That’s the question.
In my case, I accepted to leave it all in God’s hands and to serve Him just the way He requires. I told myself that He would take care of me and that with Him, I will lack nothing. And I was right. But you know what? The devil didn’t wait long to kick back. I was confronted with a decrease of my marks in class like never before. I really tried to work hard but I was always failing. In those times, I was almost depressed. I couldn’t understand why God had left me, why unbelievers were getting the best results and not me,…. That’s when I discovered this verse in Hebrews 11:1. I remembered that God said I will always be the head and never the tail. So after reading this verse, I could feel hope emerging once again in my heart, I could smile and serve God with a JOYFUL and THANKFUL heart even though my darkest night was still staring at me. So I memorized the verse and repeated it whenever I felt fear wrapping my heart.
This story isn’t from long ago. No. Even right now, I still have the same marks but… not the same attitude. I’ve learned to trust God even when I can’t trace Him, as His thoughts are not like mine and my ways are different from His (Isaiah 55:8). I know I am not here to gather all the things men think have value, but to please the One who sent me and to do His will (John 4:34). I know He will never abandon me nor forsake me and I also know He knows what I need before I even do (Joshua 1:9; Matt 6:25-34). If I am not lazy and if I work hard to do all my duty (Romans 12:11), if I do not neglect to serve God and if I believe Him at all times, then I know He will bless the work of my hands.
The reason I’m sharing this story is to testify that God is faithful if we are also faithful enough to trust Him. This is, in other words a testimony. Today for the first time, I got the maximum in the Math test. I know I will go on succeeding. So if you are in the same situation, do not act like what I did (losing faith). Instead, have a positive attitude in whatever you do. Do not lose your faith, keep on smiling even when it seems you’re failing (because you’re not really failing as you’re more than a conqueror, says the Bible. You’re just being put to test). Wait for God, standing firm because he’s coming to rescue you and to wipe away all your tears. He loves you and He cares (1 Peter 5:7). Pray guard and live in The WORD and your heart will be kept safe and sound in all circumstances.
Be blessed y’all


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