Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kindness: The Bouncy Balls, By Jemimah R.

Kindness: The Bouncy Balls

By Jemimah R. 

I remember going to a shop one time and they were selling personalized bouncy balls. Well of course they weren't selling one that said Jemimah, so all my brothers got one and my mum bought my brother Elijah one saying "Special Son."
I wanted one so much but I couldn't buy myself one saying special daughter! Ha! But a few weeks later my friend came over and had brought me a present back from her holiday and guess what it was?! A bouncy ball saying "Someone Special" on it! I just couldn't believe it! I remember thinking, Susanna is so kind! :D
And that reminds me, isn't Jesus so kind, didn't he care about everyone and still does? He loves so much he died for us!
I love being kind. Maybe baking something and then giving it to someone, just seeing the smile on their face makes you overjoyed!
Do you like being kind? You know Jesus was kind, so we should be kind! Remember if there is a opportunity to be kind take it!


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