Thursday, January 16, 2014

God's Love, By Emily M.

God's Love

By Emily M.

I am an avid reader and recently I came across this statement: "God's love is a gift that gives to the poor and the rich and the needy and the full, to the ugly and the beautiful, to the maimed and the whole. In other words, it gives itself to everyone, not just those who seek and embrace it."

Sometime back, when my kids were younger, there was this time that we found it real difficult to pay school fees. I know sometimes you hear a word and it doesn't make sense but that day it did. I was crying out to God, asking Him to do something about this issue, seriously in my heart trusting that Psalms 139 would come true; He knows my every need, sees me, knows my book to the end. I felt a nudging of the Spirit somewhere within my heart to pass by the post office, which I had ignored for the last three weeks. Imagine what I found there - a bank statement that was indicating that I had money in an account that I rarely used, for the exact amount I needed to cover my debt. Now I knew for a fact God doesn't just love me, He knows my name. He cares, He knows...

How much more powerful can God's love get?! Sometimes I just wake up in the morning to thank Him because I am alive, I thank him because I have two beautiful children, I thank Him because through our little every day acts He has enabled us to to touch the lives of other people. I thank Him because in spite of what I am, what I have been, what I will become - He is the only constant that will never change. He loves me that much.

God bless,



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