Thursday, January 16, 2014

Phoning to Heaven, By CJ

Phoning to Heaven


The other day I talked to one of my best friends that I haven't talk to in a very long time - over a year. I didn't have time to talk to her before. We had lost connection and finally started talking to each other again, because she needed my help. I thought of an analogy that ties God to this. (I think you'll understand this, it has modern technology).

Saying a prayer is like a phone call to God. You praised Him and talked to Him and loved him. Next, you started to do bad stuff, and grow apart from God. The signal finally broke and the call was over. You didn't have time for Him and brushed Him off. You had to go get your nails done or watch a movie you know shouldn't. Then, the bad stuff starts rolling in. You need to get help from a friend that has helped you before. You reach for a way out of the darkness, out of the no signal zone. But you have to take the first step toward the signal; A step towards God. You call Him and He picks up, out of mercy. He helps you get back your signal, and helps grow stronger. His love and mercy is so powerful, that you can get signal; even in the shadiest spot in back of the woods.

Stay connected with God!


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