Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wearing a Smile on Your Face - Even Through the Hard Times, By Marvina S.

Wearing a Smile on Your Face - Even Through the Hard Times

By Marvina S.

"The joy of the lord is your strength" - Nehemiah 8:10

Have you ever had such a horrible day and didn't want to smile or talk to anyone? Well I have and it can really make your day worse. A lot of times however, a smile can bring you up and make your day better. If someone is having a bad day, you can smile and it immediately makes their day so much better. A friend of mine, who is many years younger than me, lost her entire home this week. She was at home and she was sick, she decided to take a nap, and when she woke up there was smoke. She called her parents and then called 911. Her family ended up losing everything from pictures, to clothes, to important bills, to school things, everything. But even though she lost everything, she said that she is going to wear a smile on her face because she wants to. That shows so much heart because her family lost everything but she was still able to smile and say she's glad her and her family are ok. So the next time you feel that nothing can make your day better, try wearing a smile on your face and remember that the joy of the lord is your can go a long way.


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