Thursday, January 16, 2014

Following the Lord, By Tammie

Following the Lord

By Tammie C.
For a time in my life, I wanted to get whatever I wanted, and believe that I could achieve all things myself, and that's how I thought things should go on around me. But it ended it when one day I was awakened by the rain that falls down in our room, it was a rain not too strong but loud enough to hear. First when I heard what it said to me, I cried - the rain was saying, "You have to be strong because I am coming to save you. Even this rain will fall down again you will never be broken because you are with Me." And the moment that happened I knew that God is with me, thinking of my future, what will happen to me where I am, here and now. First, I can never say that it is just a glimpse of rain, but it changed my whole life now.
I am now a Christian willing to serve God Almighty, for He saves me from the dangerous road I shall take. For me it is the faith that I have to carry this with me, faith that He will never hurt me, until the day comes He will allow me to enter His paradise. I am an ordinary girl not knowing that the things around me are real and full of love to live. By that noise I was awakened to the world He wanted me to have, leading me to a new place where His Will will be done and always surround you and me. Living with God is having a person with you every day with a voice saying "I am here my child, don't be afraid." Have faith and you will seek the paradise where you were made to be!


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