Thursday, January 16, 2014

Distractions: Stressful and Depressing, By Tammie C.

Distractions: Stressful and Depressing

By Tammie C.
Girls, we know that we are easily upset; sometimes the simplest things we do cause us to give up. But then sometimes we are strong, because we have our dignity at stake in everything we do, so, we survive. That’s how we handle things, right? Even in the last drop, we always make things last as long as possible. Distractions are so common that they make our fast-paced daily lives seem normal. We always think that being depressed is a lonely mode and being stressful is very hard to work with. But look at the brighter way instead - remember each good thing that happens in your day when you feel stressed or depressed, and break the cycle. Maybe today you would have a break from things that rush up every day. Don’t fill your time with more busy, pointless things. Keep your day happy and right - don’t be trapped in those worldly problems. We know that God is with us, and every single day we live, He is always guiding us, and watching us walk on the path where He will lead us. Make it a day worth it to you, and for Him.
Do you notice that every time we are stressed out we would rather cook some comfort food for dinner instead of going outside? When you are depressed maybe you would appreciate someone giving you a hug and treating you to lunch. In these simple ways we try to overcome the stress or depression. We can help those around us by noticing them again and making them feel that we are with them in that stressful day.
Also, it is good to observe the Sabbath, a day where you come back to God for all those things that put a rush in your day. When you lay down in your bed, pray for the things that happen and suppose it will be for the good. The Holy Spirit intercedes to the Father for us, too.
Remember always: Sabbath is God’s rest for the fast-paced of the world.


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