Thursday, January 16, 2014

Love Your Enemies, By CJ

Love Your Enemies


You are at McDonald's. It's pretty empty. There's a girl at the next table that goes to your school. She's the mean, but popular girl. She's crying her eyes out. You know she's not a Christian by the way she acts; she is rude. You aren't a big fan of hers. By the way, you are the person that she probably likes the least. Should you go over and help her? She has been mean to you in the past. Should you tell her about God?

What if she makes fun of you? You know she needs help. What would you do? In Matthew, Chapter 5 verses 43-48 it talks about loving your enemies. As much as she was mean to you, God wants us to still love. He wants us to help others up, even if they've pushed us down in the past. It's hard not to have bitterness, hate, and well... more hate. God can help us. Pray for her. Go over and tell her about God. She might listen or she might not. God wants us to try. God wants us to show them love and compassion. It's something that everybody has to learn, including me. I had been bullied for 5 years, by the same person. They are still bitter, and rude toward me. But, I know that God wants us to show love. So... I try to show an abundance of it.

Many girls have this problem, so you don't have to feel alone. If you need someone to talk to, so that you can stop the cycle of hate, contact us at, and make the subject: Loving My Enemies.


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