Thursday, January 16, 2014

Are we loving God with all our hearts? By Rebecca U.

Are we loving God with all our hearts?

By Rebecca U.

It is interesting how much a kids song can show you. I was watching a doughnut man video with my little sister and one of the songs on it was how much do you love Jesus. More than ice cream? More than friends? Well I was thinking about it - do I love Jesus more than anything? I don't show it that is for sure. I hang out with friends instead of spending time with God; I go online instead of reading the Bible. I am sure that is similar to many of you.
I want to change that in my life and I'm sure you do too. We can make God first by reading the Bible and praying before we even get out of bed. We can spend a little less time online and read more of the Bible and make our relationship with God even better. We often say that there just isn't time with our busy schedule to make time with God. But we need to cut something out maybe wake up 15 minutes earlier or spend a few less minutes with friends. We can pray anywhere, so find time when we aren't really doing something that you have to think about, like maybe while doing chores or taking a shower.
If we really think about it we can find a lot of time in our lives to spend with God. God has created us to be His best friend. We will spend time with a friend, but not with the God who made us? The God who can do anything to us? We need to be making God first in our lives, not just if there is time at the end of the day maybe I will pray. That is not the right thing to do.

I want to serve God with all of my heart and soul and I'm sure you do too. Dear Lord help me and all the girls reading this to serve You with all of our hearts and to love You more than anything. Help us to make you first in our lives starting now. Lord growing up isn't easy but You have promised to never leave us nor forsake us. Thank you for always
being there for us and helping us through the hard times. Amen
   So girls what are we going to give up today to spend time with God? Maybe 15 minutes of sleep or watching TV. If you have questions you can message/email Hillary, me or any of the other girls on GGFG. We would love to answer your questions.
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