Thursday, January 16, 2014

To the Children of God by McKayla R.

To the Children of God

 By McKayla R.

Dear Children of God,
  Wield your swords high. For you have nothing to be afraid of. You have the power of a supernatural force aiding you, guiding you, keeping you safe. Praise your Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. For there will be a time when you must use these attributes to win souls.  Come children sing your song in praise rejoicing in Him. Because of His love we have been set free. So now, as our duty to God and man, we must set free all the lost souls and guide them to the Light. Keep your eyes and ears open to the beauty of His creations. For this skill will help you in battle. Have childlike faith so we don’t lead separate lives form what we’ve been called. Remember how we’ve been redeemed. He is in the depths of the sea and the bowels of space. This is not our home. We are called to do more than what we are doing. And always remember: Because of His love we can be called Children of God.
In God’s Love,
McKayla R.


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