Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christ born on Christmas day, By Tammie C.

Christ born on Christmas day

By Tammie C.

Again it's Christmas and girls I know you are preparing for the day that Jesus is born because you are part of the life He offered for us. First thing to do is to wake up early and make a day that leads you to where you will find Jesus Christ. Forget the hesitations and leave it all behind because this day is a big day for all of us.
Now, can you feel the air of the ber-wind? It touches every one of us and reminds us that it will be a brand new year coming, and how Jesus lives in our hearts. You have the Spirit, girls - make it a unique and godly day for you.
Go to church and pray, for Jesus Christ, His birthday is today, the day we celebrate the coming of the second part of the trinity was born. Remind yourself that He is with you always, whenever you're sad or lonely, and even in the tip of happiness in your life. Believe that every one of us has the faith and can do God's will for this year. Walk with sincerity in your heart you will never forget that the love of God binds you to Him. Christmas calls you to be ready to face the day, keeping in mind that His day is coming again.

7 steps to become unique this Christmas

1. Prepare a very nice food to celebrate with your loved ones

2. With that food drink a delicious drink

3. Remember to go to church

4. Dress yourself for this special occasion

5. Pray through your feelings and emotions about this time of celebration

6. Walk through the day - don't rush

7. Keep it simple but make it your own day in little ways


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