Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hope By Emily M.


By Emily M.

I want to talk about hope and God's blessing. Recently we gave a young girl hope. Her name is Ann. She passed her courses quite well and received her letter to get into secondary school. You see, Ann comes from a family that is facing hard circumstances. They are not rich and the mother cares nothing of education. She would rather see her married off at the age of 15. However, we came together as friends and raised some money. That morning we had only managed to raise about 3/4 of the fees and then, God happened. A guy I had just known on Facebook sent in some money which managed to clear her first term fees.

You have no idea what that means until you are hopeless beyond words - and then God comes. In the same line, a miracle happened in my life. I know I am a bit old to be saying this, but I love school. Unfortunately, I had never had a chance to finish college or my degree because of lack of finances - but then a miracle happened. The same man who paid for Ann offered to pay for my university fees. Imagine i had shelved the idea of ever going to school especially since my kids are already growing up. In Africa, education for a woman is a gift, especially if it is higher education. We still need fees for the other terms but there is one thing I want to say - Jesus died so that I may live. At His own time He has made things beautiful. Not how I had expected or envisioned it. A person who is a non-Christian does not come out of the blue and offer to help. It must be God-sent. It has not only built up my faith, but the faith of those around me.

Jesus is real. I know that from first hand experience. I work with disadvantaged kids and when something good happens in their lives it's akin to a miracle. My prayer is that we may all open our eyes so that we see just how blessed we are. He came and He set me free, and He can do the same for you. Amen.


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