Thursday, January 16, 2014

Serving God with Your Talents, By Hannah H.

Serving God with Your Talents

By Hannah H.
Godly Girls! So sorry you haven't heard from me in quite a while. I have been very busy, but no worries ladies, I'm back in business! Hillary Beth asked me to write about how to put our spiritual gifts into action. I believe that this is so important, now more than ever.
As preteen/teen girls in this generation, we are watching so many things happen right now. Girls are dressing immodestly, and having premarital sex, and hurting themselves, and doing all kinds of things that we as Christian girls walking with God are not doing. I think if we ask God to use our lives to show our peers His love, His mercy, His hope, everything that they will see that what He has to offer is so much better than anything the world could ever give us. So, right now, commit to something for a week. Every day when you wake up in the morning, at least for the next seven days, pray this simple prayer.
God, take everything and use my life.
That's it. God will completely blow you away if you truly mean those words and you believe them. That is the prayer I said as I walked into the first day of middle school a little over a year ago. And some of you may have read what God used me to do in my school. I started a Christian girls club called "Pure Heart Girlz" and it has truly impacted girls’ lives, it is still going great!! So no matter what you're good at, or what dream God has placed in your heart, I promise you, He can and will use your life. Maybe you don't know what your gift is - that's okay. Pray and ask God. He will let you know!
So my challenge to you is to pray that prayer for a whole week and then let us know what God did in your life!


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