Thursday, January 16, 2014

My View of Christ, By Bailey D.

My View of Christ

By Bailey D.
Christ went through horrifying torture. Passion of the Christ shows the most detail of that. (I've only seen a few segments, not the whole thing.) He was beaten until His whole body was scarred, and He was nailed to a cross, at that. How would you like to be nailed to a cross? Pretty painful, huh?
I was at Wednesday Night Service, and was singing along to praise and worship. I was praying over those kneeling on the ground crying, and was heading toward one person when it came on. A video that changed my life. It was a song I recognised (i don't remember the name), and it showed Him being beaten. I sank to my knees, horrified at the sight. Every time he groaned in pain, I felt my heart scream. I curled into a ball on the floor, weeping. I was angry that he was tortured that way, and I prayed, saying again and again that I wasn't worthy of His gift, since this was what he had payed for it. I hadn't felt like this about His death until this had showed me the horrific details.
Do you know why He suffered, without fighting back? For YOU. So that you could be saved, and so that you could send others to Him. He thought that even though it hurt so bad, even though he was in agony, He would carry that cross and die on it for YOU. He bled from a thousand wounds and carried a cross (also known as 2 tons of wood), and allowed himself to be nailed to it, and to be taunted and stabbed, all because He was dying for you.
A good song that illustrates this is "Carry My Cross" by THIRD DAY. It was the theme song for Passion of The Christ, and you can find it and clips from the movie on Youtube, where I have watched it over and over, crying each time. I got 3 words for you, and they are...


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