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Why Do I Feel Far Away From God? By Chadia M.

Why Do I Feel Far Away From God?

 By Chadia M.

When I got saved, 4 years ago, I remember I was told to set a special time in my schedule for God and I, because that is precious in a Christian life. I remember that each evening I entered my room, locked it as it is said in Matthew 6:6 and then, began to pray. That was something new in my life, what means that I really didn’t know how to pray… But then, there’s something my youth leader had told me that I remembered: “When you pray, consider God as your best friend, as somebody you can easily talk to. Talk to Him, share with Him your day; your laughs, you pain, …. Do not see Him as a big man sitting on a throne with a stick, ready to punish you if you don’t spend a long time with him or if you don’t pray right. Remember, all He wants more than anything else is YOUR HEART”. That’s how I began to build my relationship with God. I just sat on my bed, knowing He was there with me, holding me as He has promised. So I would tell Him everything that was in my heart, ask Him for things and cry on Him. You know what? I could spend only 5 minutes in my room praying but I knew that God had heard my prayer just as He did with the one who had prayed for 2 hours. How could I be sure of that? Because I was sincere and because I know God prefers a sincere heart.
Even though those moments were making me grow in faith, the devil wasn’t happy at all. So I began to doubt! I began to ask myself how I can be sure that God is real if I can’t see Him, and when troubles came my way, the devil managed to show me that God has abandoned me. I know we all pass through times like this, girls. Today you can FEEL like God is holding your hand and the day after you FEEL like he has left you. So we come to ask ourselves why that happens, whether we did something wrong or if simply God doesn’t care for us. I spent many years living a life like that but one day, God revealed me that that wasn’t the life I was meant to live and He opened my eyes to see that it wasn’t my fault if I couldn’t keep a sound relationship with Him. That’s what I want to tell you girls. I’m especially talking to you who, like me, have been feeling far away from God.
First of all, it isn’t you who have lost your faith, no! It’s all about the devil who is trying to steal the happiness God gives you every time you’re aware He’s with you. There’s something you must know; the devil works through our feelings. That’s why sometimes, you wake up in a bad mood with no apparent reason or you feel sad when everybody else is happy. But also, you must know that YOU ARE MORE THAN A CONQUEROR and that YOU HAVE DEFEATED THE DEVIL THROUGH JESUS  as the Bible says. That simply means you can overcome your feelings and believe the Word of God. The devil is a liar. How can the God who loved you enough to crucify His only son go far away from you? Isn’t He the one who promised In Psalm 125:2 that: “As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds His people now and forever”. Our God never falls asleep and He’s always walking with us wherever we go (Joshua 1:9). Oh what a great God we have! Since I know this truth, my life has changed. When the devil attacks me emotionally, making me feel like God has abandoned me, I just confess that my God would never do that and that He’s always with me because all He says is true. When you respond to the devil like this (saying it with your mouth and believing this), he just flees away, frightened.
Dear sisters in Christ, God LOVES YOU and He wants the best for you. He will never leave you nor forsake you if you have met Him one day. But if you hadn’t met Him yet, you have to, in order to live this amazing relationship with Him by accepting His salvation (Romans 10:9-10).
Love you all,


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