Thursday, January 16, 2014

Revenge From A Christian Perspective, By Natasha Jane

Revenge From A Christian Perspective

By Natasha Jane

“He had it coming, he had it coming all along… It was a murder, but not a crime”
For those of you who haven’t heard this song before, it’s Cell Block Tango from the musical Chicago. The song is basically about six female prisoners, en-jailed because they killed their lovers, telling why they killed their lovers. At the end of the song, the women said “Could you tell us that we were wrong?” They felt abused by their lovers, so they took the quick route: get rid of them. Are they really wrong?
Looking from the murderesses’ point of view, their lovers did them wrong so they sought revenge. It seemed fair, right? On the other hand, though, they may have gone a bit overboard with the whole revenge thing. Why would you kill your husband for chewing (no, not chewing, popping!) gum? What about us, as Christians? Do we seek revenge when people do us wrong?
Luke 6:28 clearly reminds us of what God said concerning people doing us wrong. “Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you”. This may seem ridiculously wrong, but Jesus pointed out that if you only do good to people who do good to you, what difference would you have to people who don’t know God? Don’t they do good to people who do good to them? But what sets us all apart as God’s children is that we are able to do good to people who don’t like us, like Jesus did. Jesus even prayed for those who killed Him! Isn’t that amazing how He can not only preach, but also walk the walk? Who else does that?
Because we have to be as much like our God as possible, look inside ourselves to be nice to people who treat us badly. Like maybe sharing a smile with the bully in your class, or reaching out to the kids who make fun of your hairstyle, you will never know who you can touch by being nice. Looking for revenge will not only stress you out, but there isn’t anything satisfying even when you get that revenge. Only forgiveness can give you completeness and content in your heart, so don’t seek for revenge, even if they “had it coming all along.”


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