Thursday, January 16, 2014

Love, By Joy Wie-Addo


By Joy Wie-Addo
1Samuel 18:1-4, John 15:11-14

Love forgets mistakes, but “nagging about them parts the best of friends” says Solomon in Proverbs 17:9b.

Overlooking offenses is necessary in any relationship. We should be willing to forgive others’ offenses against us. It’s quiet tempting, especially when there is misunderstanding, to recall all the offenses the other person ever committed against us.

The greatest evidence of genuine friendship is loyalty. We should love our neighbours and friends at all times and be available to help in time of need and distress. Do not be a fair-weather friend. Fair-weather friends get close when the friendship helps and they leave when they are not getting anything out of the relationship.

The love of a true friend is constant. Think of your friends and asses your loyalty and love to them. Your company may help someone feel at ease, your smile may be a source of encouragement to someone; it may be soothing to the depressed soul of a friend. Your actions may just calm down rising anxiety in a friend. You need your friend and your friend needs you. Are you being the David or Jonathan of your friendship?

Be the model of the friend the Bible encourages.


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