Thursday, January 16, 2014

Who you are, By Chadia M.

Who you are

By Chadia M.

Does it really matter to suffer now when you know you’ll have a happy ending?
Does it really matter to struggle to get something that you know you already have?
Or would you worry about something if you already know the results?
No of course! All this has no sense!
And in the same way, you shouldn’t suffer, struggle or worry about anything
Because you already have complete victory over EVERYTHING!
You should always be conscious that when Christ died on the cross for you,
He exchanged His glorious life with your miserable life
He took your sufferings, your struggles and your worries on Him and crucified them
So that they will have no power on you.
So why are you desperate and broken; alone and frightened?
That’s not WHO you are! You are the co-heir of Christ, His Beloved Redeemed!
So get rid of all that and give praise to the one who saved you long ago!
Get up and tell the devil to go away because now, you know who you are
You know your rights!


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