Thursday, January 16, 2014

Far is Near, Short is Long, By Kaylee S.

Far is Near, Short is Long

By Kaylee S.
Sometimes I feel like Jesus is so far away from me.  I listen to a lot of Pillar, and Audrey Assad, and Yancy, and I love music so this helps me.  It helps me a lot because I love Jesus and I love music, but sometimes I don’t want to stop listening because I know if I do I feel further away from Jesus. 

When I stop listening to them I still feel sad so I’ll go on my dad’s computer and use Paint Shop Pro or Coreldraw and try and make some pretty graphics, and that’s fun but I still feel sad.  So I’ll stop that and go downstairs and bake something.  I love baking things and that makes me happy for a while, but when I’m done I’m still sad.

So when I’m all done fooling around with all the worldly things, I pick up my Bible and start looking through it.  I did all these things today after I came home from school and about an hour ago I read John 11:35.  I think it’s the shortest verse in the Bible, but for me it was really long.  It says Jesus wept!  That’s all, but when I read I that thought “Jesus is God and He was crying when He was here.”  Jesus is God and He was crying. I couldn’t stop thinking about that. 
So I listened to some more music and I was making some more graphics, because that verse started really bothering me, and then it was like Jesus rang a really loud gong and said “Kaylee, I cried a lot when I was there just like your crying right now, its very sad on earth so just know that I love you very much.”  Jesus cried a lot when He was here and told me it’s OK to cry because He loves me. 

So now I’m not as sad as I was before because Jesus told me He loves me and it’s OK when I’m sad.  I just have to remember that when I’m really sad, Jesus is thinking about me and still loves me a lot.  One thing I was thinking about was that I never heard Jesus that loud before!


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