Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pleasing Jesus With Our Fashions, By Kaylee S.

Pleasing Jesus With Our Fashions

By Kaylee S.
I’m usually a quick thinker but I started my second article for GGFG, and this is the fourth article that I’ve been a quick thinker about! :)  I wrote an article, and then I erased it.  Then I wrote another one and I erased that one.  I did that 4 times, but I’m going to keep this one because I think it’s so important. 
I love fashion!  Well, kind of.  I love fashion, but I hate going to the mall sometimes and seeing all the clothes for girls and women, because they are so revealing!  It’s a happy/sad time I have there.  The one day I went to Charlotte Russe and some of the dresses there were so revealing, the Holy Spirit just threw a thought in my mind that I never forget… The more skin a girl shows, the more sin her heart grows!© 
A very revealing thought by God is how He looks at the way we dress. That day I went there to buy a dress and left shaking with that thought.  It bothered me a lot for the next couple days and I prayed and asked for forgiveness, and told Jesus that I wouldn’t wear any fashions anymore that were revealing. 
This is a very long subject in my mind and I would like to write a book sometime about women’s fashions and the consequences we will endure if we continue to sin. We need to take our responsibility in this area.
Here is a link from Dannah Gresh’s web site that has a guide for us girls dressing modestly.  Jesus loves you!


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