Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another Fairy Tale? By Hannah H.

Another Fairy Tale?

By Hannah H.

Hello Godly Girls! Sometimes, it is hard for me to wrap my mind around God! In today's devotion we are going to talk about what to do when the doubts come. 

Sometimes, as I belt out Taylor Swift's songs that are filled with both true love, and amazing fairy tales, I get to thinking "Is this whole 'God' thing just another Cinderella fairy tale?" I assure you, it is not a fairy tale. God is so real. But we are natural, and He is supernatural; we will never be able to completely wrap our mind around Him. We need to live by faith. 

What to do when the doubt creeps in:  

1. Remember The Rainbow 
Remember all of the promises that God made in the Bible and how they are still with us 2,000+ years later. For example, the rainbow. God promised after He flooded the whole earth in Noah's day, that He would never flood the earth again. That is why he put the rainbow in the sky, which is still there every time it rains.

2. He Has Been Faithful
Remember that time that God helped you ace that math test in the third grade? Or the time He healed your little sister of that terrible stomach flu? Well, maybe you don't remember all the little things like that. So, to help you remember you can do a fun little craft. Here are the instructions:

A notebook in your favorite color
Markers or Crayons 
Jewels or Stickers(optional) 

What To Do: 
A.Decorate you notebook by writing a scripture, your name, ANYTHING, in marker or crayon 
B.Glue on jewels
C.Decorate with stickers 

Whenever you are finished with your notebook, keep it some where you will always remember. Then every time God does something good in you life, write it in your notebook so that you can look back at it when you need a reminder. 

3.Go to your concordance (in the back of your Bible) and look up words like 'believe' so that God's Word can help you out! (It will give you verses to look up on the topic you choose.)

Remember that God is real!!!!!! 



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