Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hope in the Coming of Christ, By Hillary-Beth

Hope in the Coming of Christ

By Hillary-Beth Koenig

What does it mean to put our hope in Christ?
Sometimes it feels like we are putting trust in a future we cannot control. Well, that is the truth! We can't control our futures; God is control! And God is good.
Some people get very focused on trying to figure out just exactly when Jesus is coming back. But doing this actually takes our focus off of Jesus and the work that we can be doing now for His kingdom. Our faith rests in a person, not a prediction. We are trusting Jesus, not a guess of when He's coming.
So , we know two things:
1. He is going to come!
2. There's no way to predict when. God has told us this in passages like Matthew 24:36.

The only thing preventing His return is the Father's hand on the door. He is allowing more time for people to turn to Him. That's what He's up to until then. And He knows the perfect time of when it will be time to return.
Our hope is in Jesus, who is still with us through the Holy Spirit. Hope says, "Whatever I face, God is more powerful, God is in control, will right all wrongs and restore creation in His perfect timing."
God's promises are for forever. There's no time limit on them, and they are delivered in perfect timing.
Everything since the original sin has pointed to the restoration of all of creation - Isaac and his stories, Moses and the stories of the Israelites, David and his Psalms and prophecies, Elijah and Daniel and their prophesies, and especially the Cross - all point to the day when we will be completely restored to the way we were originally made to be.


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