Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Boredom, By Beatrix C.


By Beatrix C.

Raise your hand if summer has actually been boring. (You can do it in your head if you want.) Raise your hand if you miss school. And finally, raise your hand if you wish school was all year round with breaks in between.

I have raised my hand for all 3 of them. I am truly bored. I miss school. school gave me something to do. At home its like:,, cricket...... I mean occasionally, we go to Hawaiian Falls. (We are today.) But when I get home:,, cricket...... I think you get the picture. There is absolutely nothing to do. So I thought, anyways. There is always talking to God. Reading the Bible. Singing praising songs to Him. And lately I've been doing a few of those things. It works. I'm not bored.

I mean how can you be bored when you're in God's presence? There are still chores to do (which I dread most of the time). Some of the chores are actually fun to do. Like washing the car, cleaning up my room. (The reason why cleaning up my room isn't boring is because I find lots of stuff I've "lost" in the past, :P)

Anyways, if you're ever bored, just go talk to God. Sing to Him, pray to Him. Or when you're actually doing fun stuff, invite Him to be with you. You know, like in your head or just plain out loud say: God, why don't you join me? Sure He's already there. He's everywhere. But to invite Him. To let Him know you want Him to be there, when you're doing something that doesn't really focus on God, well I guess it would make Him smile. To know that you want to be with Him. :)

:P Chow!


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