Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Play Place or Disney World For Your Campus? By Caitlin S.

Play Place or Disney World For Your Campus?

By Caitlin S.

How many of you have ever seen someone get saved on your campus? I have. My original thought was to write each and every article about one of the 5 commitments of a Campus Missionary that I introduced in my last article:





But God has a way of changing our plans, and today I just want to stir your heart, and stir your passion for the students on your campus. I know it's summer and you may not have seen a lot of them in a while now, but as much as some of us hate to think about it, school is really starting very soon!

So, think about how many kids in your school openly oppose God, how many are hurting possibly cutting, drinking, and otherwise experimenting with ways to cope besides a relationship with Jesus. How many of your friends desperately need Jesus? Now what are you going to do about it?

It's not about your school having a campus club for Christian students, or whether or not they allow you to wear Christian shirts ( I'll post a link to your rights on your campus in my next article); it's really not so much about that as it is ministering to your friends one on one who need Jesus. It's about you praying for them and your teachers and school.

I heard a story once, and I don't know who originally wrote it, but I heard it from Jeanne Mayo's ministry.

There was a young boy who was riding in the car with his parents. He didn't know where they were going, and the car had been moving a very long time. Finally, he and his family stopped at McDonald's to eat (one with one of those very cool play places). The little boy was very excited and ate all of his food like his mother required for him to play in the play place. He was so happy to be getting to move around after being in the car for so long. Then it came time to get back in the car, but the little boy didn't want to leave; he loved the play place, and his new friends, and he didn't want to ride in the car for a very long time, so he threw a fit, and kicked and screamed and cried. Eventually the parents got the boy in the car and he cried himself to sleep. When he woke up at their destination, he was pleasantly surprised to see that they were at Disney World. See, the little boy didn't know what his parents had in store for him, but what they had in store was much better. How many times are we like this with God?

You see your Camus right now it's a McDonald's play place, you'rr there and your friends are there, but how much life change is going on? Do you know your friends don't have to come to your church or youth group to get saved, that they can find Jesus right there at school, and that you can lead them into that relationship with Him - it doesn't have to be your pastor or youth pastor. What God has for your campus and your friends is the Disney World of a relationship with Him - the best thing that they will ever experience - He has a revival for your school (yes, your public school), but He needs students like you who know Jesus to lead it. To pray for and show others His love.

" Look at the Nations and watch and be utterly amazed for I am going to do a work in Your day that you would not believe even if you were told" Habakkuk 1:5

Are you being stirred with compassion for your campus? Do you want that revival that I mentioned? Can't fathom a revival at school? Email and put "Campus Missions" in the subject for more info. Or go to http://www.campus


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