Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WWJD, By Leah F.


By Leah F.

Have you ever heard this saying? I hear it all the time at school, at church, at home, and at camp. I might be about to say something, or do something at someone will go "What would Jesus do?"

We are made in God's image. So as Christians, our goal is to praise God, and try to become more like him.

You know how in movies or t.v. shows how sometimes on someone's right shoulder there would be a little angel, and on the left a little demon? For us, that angel is trying to tell us "What would Jesus do?" I don't think Jesus would hit his sister, cheat, or talk back to his parents. Do you?

Has someone ever done wrong to you, but then later apologized? Isn't it hard to forgive them? Isn't is difficult to accept their apology an wipe the slate clean? I always have to remember that God wants me to apologize, because that is what he does. Would you want God to not forgive you, and then use it against you when you die? No! So we have to do what Jesus would do, and accept the apology.

So what would Jesus do?


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