Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Special Project 2, By Hillary-Beth Koenig

Special Project 2 

By Hillary-Beth Koenig

Song Lyrics Devotional Two

Some Thoughts: This song was definitely inspired by Job.
It's hard to be real.
We. just. can't. do that. What if someone, anyone, actually knew?
Actually knew all of our sins? Actually knew all of our weaknesses? Actually knew all of our questions, our doubts, our fears.....our dreams, all of what makes us have a sense of security...and all of what doesn't?
And when we dare to ask God some things, He isn't always going to answer the way we think He is, of course, because His ways aren't our ways. 
To relate to human things (I know this is actually backwards) the way God sometimes responds reminds me of a grandpa; ever been having a serious talk with someone, and asked a question, to which they replied with question? Not just any question, but one that really answers yours and more, using a completely different (and in wise cases, higher) perspective.
Point is, God knows how to shut us up (even though I'm sure He's not doing it just for that reason, haha), and wake us up.
Since He is not trapped by any of the things that restrain us as humans (time, location, our whole human nature and sin and death and power and words/expressions and all), why don't we trust Him?
The Challenge: Trust God enough to be honest out loud to Him. You know the things you try to hide. Instead of distancing yourself, go ahead and be real. Stand in awe of Him as you think of how great His works are, and praise Him for those works today!
Where Were You
by Todd Agnew

The Lyrics:"I thought up all the questions that my human mind could bring
And laid them out before the Lord
And demanded a reason for these things
I asked about inequality and about the success of evil men
But what was I to say to Him
When He answered with this question
Where were you when I split the sky and sea
Where were you when I taught the lion to roar
Where were you when I made electricity
Fall from the sky in the middle of a thunderstorm
Where were you
I had no response, I had no reply
As the One who spoke and is the Truth opened up my eyes
I laid my time of doubt at the feet of the Infinite
But what was left for me to say
When He answered with this question
Where were you when I put stars in the sky
Where were you when I taught the eagle to fly
Where were you when I made that little child look just like
Her mom but she had her Daddy's eyes
Where were you"


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