Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Serving During Christmas Time, By Julianna O.

Serving During Christmas Time

By Julianna O.

There are multiple ways you can serve during the Christmas season, but I'm only going to talk about three ways for now. One way is by packing toys, hairbrushes and other things that are useful inside a shoebox and sending it to Haiti or some other country that doesn't have very much. Number two, you can donate money to the Salvation Army. Lastly, help out at your church.

One way is to pack toys, hairbrushes and so on inside a shoebox. This is called Operation Christmas Child. You can find the website on Google by searching "Operation Christmas Child. " (Or try this link: )My school did this one year a couple of years ago , and I had fun giving toys and a lot of stuff to other countries. That is one way you can serve during the Christmas season.

The second way is to donate money to Salvation Army. In front of a couple of stores (most likely Wal-Mart or Kmart) , there will be a bucket that has a sign that does say "Salvation Army Donations," or something like that , and next to the bucket is a person ringing a bell. They have a website too. Just search Salvation Army, or try this link: That's the second way you can serve during Christmas.

Last but not least, you can serve during Christmas by helping out at your church. If your church is doing a Nativity Scene for Christmas, help out in any way you can. If your church is having a Christmas lunch or dinner, make something to eat, help get the tables set , and so on. That's the last thing you can do to serve during Christmas time.

That's how I'm going to or have served during Christmas time. You can do Operation Christmas Child, donate to Salvation Army , and help out at your church. I hope you do the same things I do this Christmas season.


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