Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Revolution Of Jesus! By Anonymous

Revolution Of Jesus!
By Anonymous 
Come Join The Revolution…
You join the revolution of Jesus when you give your life to him! This is not a new revolution. It started with Jesus’ coming, with women being treated with equal value and respect, with corruption challenged, with picking up the pushed out and showing up the sure of themselves, with turning the other cheek and going the extra mile, with loving the enemy and dying to self.
A revolution that started with “IT IS FINISHED”. A revolution of LOVE, JUSTICE, GOOD NEWS AND HOPE. Courageously continued for thousands of years in the hands of teenagers. Young people refusing to slip silently through society, deciding to stand up and speak out. People who say, ‘You hate me and I’ll turn around and batter you with words and deeds of love! I will lift up the laughed at and looked down on. I will not be controlled or molded by laws set by the media and policed by my peers. You want to label me with your brand names, stereotypes and tabloid headings.’ But we already have a label:


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