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Pressures you face in school, and how to overcome them Allison A.

Pressures you face in school, and how to overcome them

Allison A.

There are going to be pressures almost anywhere you go, but my focus today is the pressures you face in school. School, as most of us know, is a very worldly place. Most people don't care about pleasing God. People often put others (and themselves) down. Here are some pressures that you may face in school:

1. The pressure to look pretty: So many people focus so much of their time on clothes and makeup! People often fall into immodest dressing because they just want to fit in. But at the end of the day, who do you want to please- God or people? Your outward appearance will fade- as Proverbs 31:30 says,

"Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised".

You have probably heard this scripture many times before, but don't just gloss right over it!? God is everlasting and He is worth devoting your life to. So worry about pleasing Him- not people.

2. The pressure to act like someone you're not: The phrase "be yourself" is so cliché and often unhelpful. But please don't fall into the trap of acting like someone you aren't! I am often a rather quiet person, and in a world where loud, outgoing people are often more valued, I wanted to be more like that. Although I can naturally be a bit louder and funny when around the right people, I wanted to be someone I wasn't- and when I tried to be out of my own personality, it just didn't feel natural! God gave you the personality type that you are- whether you are quiet, more outgoing, or somewhere on between, don't try to change that! If God didn't want you to have that personality type, He wouldn't have created you that way!

3. The pressure to get good grades: We all know people that are very smart in school. Maybe you do excel in school, and that's great! I get good grades, but sometimes I want more. For example, almost all of my friends are taking AP U.S. History, while I am taking honors. Of course, honors is very good! But when I first found out that all my friends were taking a higher class than me, I felt a little left out. But I am glad that I am in honors because AP is a lot of work! You weren't meant to be someone else- try to set your own goals to reach. If you are so focused on getting as good of a grade as another person, you aren't acknowledging the strengths that God gave you. Maybe you aren't great in school, but you are good at sports, encouraging others- you name it! Of course, do your best in school, but acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and don't overwork yourself!
I hope this was helpful! God bless!


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