Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Last First Time, By Hillary-Beth

Last First Time

By Hillary-Beth Koenig

Remember Kindergarten? It was all about firsts... and lots of pictures to document this!

The first box of crayons I got for school purposes was a 96 count, and I still have my first grade erasers, some pencils that have my initials, though the permanent marker is now fading.

This is my last first time.

This year I have my last binders, my last new markers and pens for studying, my last fresh start. This is my last opportunity to notice my classmates around me and their needs, my last chance to encourage them. This is my last chance to make an impact on other students. This is the last year I'll have to sit there with my schedule and wonder if I'll use my time wisely.

This is the last new schoolyear, and I want to give it all to God!

One of my dearest friends gave me this advice just this morning: "Stay in the Word... God knows the true desires of your heart... 'Be still and know' that He is God, and you are not."

I hope you will be aware of those around you this year, as well, young or old, at school, in stores, at parks, with your families, even at church - look for the opportunities that God will put before you!


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