Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas Grace, By Emily M.

Christmas Grace

By Emily M.

I have been thinking about this specific Christmas. At first, when I looked at the whole year, I could not see anything I wanted to be happy about. I wanted to stay in the house and curl up in some corner and ban any happy thoughts from mind, but then I remembered Paul said "rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice." (Philippians 4:4) Now, that is hard when you have lost your favorite grandparent, and your brother is staring in the face of death in a hospital, but then, Paul was not in a happy place when He wrote those words. Christmas is not just about a baby born in manger, it's about Grace. It's a reminder that despite the lemons the world throws at us, we still have the equipment to make lemonade. And then, another thought came to mind.

The three wise men expected a grand Jesus. There is no way a King could be born anywhere else than in a palace somewhere, and therefore they headed there first. It was quite humbling when they learned the real truth :).

God is a God of big things as well as small things. His miracles begin small. Jesus was born in a manger and ended up on the right hand side of God. There are those small miracles that sometimes we miss when we expect the very big things. It may be you got a handmade sweater, it may be today your asthma was no longer there, it could be that that very sick person finally got off the feeding tubes, it could be in a simple apology, a hello from someone you never talk to... So this Christmas despite the Goliath staring me in the face, I am opting to accept the grace that God so lovingly brought to me, and rejoice in Him always because He is the only one who truly knows my ultimate destination.


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