Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Your Time With God, By Kylee

Your Time With God

By Kylee

1) Get alone with God
 -try a bedroom, garage, outside, etc.

2) Be comfortable so that you can concentrate
 -walk around, lie down, kneel, RELAX!

3) Talk to God
 -talk  to God like he's right there beside you.
 -tell him about your anger, frustration, happiness, thankfulness,
anything and everything.
 -how you talk isn't as important as how honest you are with God.
 -communicate to Him in different ways, write a letter, sing Him a
song, or read Scripture to him. Be creative!

4) Let God talk to you
 -give God a chance, because if you do he'll speak to you.
 -it may not be out loud, but in the Bible, through your thoughts and
 -the Bible is the main way God talks today.
 -make a point to tell God you want to hear what he has to say.
 -then read a few verses during your quiet time and mull over them.

 Listen to some Christian music, read a solid Christian book or magazine,
or just ponder what God has done, not only in your life but in those
around you.


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