Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What is Discipleship?, By Allison W.

What is Discipleship? 

 By Allison W.
       In Matthew 28:19 Jesus makes a command to go and make disciples. Wait a minute, you might think, how am I supposed to make disciples if I don’t know what a disciple is? Well I’m about to share with you something called discipleship which is the act of making disciples.
             Discipleship is basically reproducing your life. Jesus had disciples, he had 12. He encouraged and taught them. However we aren’t Jesus so we teach and encourage our “disciples” to follow Jesus and we show them how that is done.
There are a few things to keep in mind when you go to disciple someone.
  1. Ask someone more spiritually mature than you to disciple you.
  2. Spend time with Jesus.
  3. Live what you share. Sometimes we can disciple others just by the way we live our life and by the choices that we make. Always make sure you are a living a life fully dedicated to Jesus and others will want that and copy you.
  4. You may not want to tell the person you are discipling you are discipling them. Some instances you tell them and some you don’t. Use good judgment.
  5. Only disciple those of your same gender.
Jesus will greatly reward you for investing in the life of someone else. You are doing a great thing to advance the kingdom of heaven!


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