Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Truth & Error, By Hillary-Beth Koenig

Truth & Error 

By Hillary-Beth Koenig

We have to learn to recognize truth. We do this by reading the Bible some each day so we know what it says. The Bible is God’s Word and is true.
We can then recognize what is error. Error does not agree with what the Bible says. It’s things that aren’t true. Some things aren’t clear as to whether they are truth or error.
Some things aren’t addressed outright in the Bible. But the principles are applicable; that is, something in the Bible will be able to guide you and will let you know what God says about it. Sometimes it’s just more general, as in new technology that wasn’t around isn’t mentioned in the Bible, but purity is.
Knowing what is true and what is false clears the path for change. We can’t change and be different if we don’t see that we’ve been believing something that is a lie. God will show us what needs to change if we ask Him to. He will change our lives!
To change is to overcome, and build new. We are new when we’ve trusted Christ because He washes our sins away and frees us from the grip sin had on us.
Since we are free, we can have passion for God and for telling others how He freed us!
We can:
  • Pass on! The knowledge
  • Point out! The error
  • Pray for! The change
Only God can change others. But we can, in love, pray for them.
We can also encourage people to keep on going when it is hard for them.
When your friends or family are overcoming sin through Christ, don’t forget to also encourage them to keep passing on the things they have learned, and are learning! God will work through them like He works through you.


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