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How to Reach Out to Others – With Love, By Hillary-Beth

How to Reach Out to Others – With Love 

 By Hillary-Beth Koenig

Part 3: Overcoming the Excuses...But...
In Part 1 I talked about Viewing Others As God Sees Them; You do see their sin. You do see their worth as God’s creation. Then you choose to love them despite their sin, just as God sees us.
In Part 2 I talked about Letting them know what you think about them. This includes praying for those opportunities, making opportunities out of everyday situations and random acts of kindness.
Maybe you’ve read Part 1 and Part 2. And maybe you are thinking, “But…”
If you are, this part is for you.
But she is still so mean. But he still frowns at me every day. But she doesn’t try to get along. But she won’t listen when I’m trying to be nice. But nothing’s changing at home. But he doesn’t care about the things that matter most to me, even God. But she still yells. But she doesn’t deserve nice treatment. But he hurt everyone so badly. But she’s not sorry.
Do any one of those sound like the things you might say in your mind? Do you feel this way toward someone in your heart? Do you see no hope, no change, nothing new, and just give up?
There might be times in your life, and situations, where you need to separate yourself from some person or group of people because they really aren’t changing and they are affecting your walk with God. But, most of the time, God has the people He does in our lives for a reason; that we could point them to Him!
Even when you can’t see God working in their lives, you shouldn’t give up. Even when you can’t see any changes, you shouldn’t give in. Yes, that’s right – you still have the duty and privilege of showing them compassion. If they ask you why, you will be able to tell them about God’s compassion for you. If someone else makes fun of you for doing the right thing, or asks you why you would be nice to someone who is awful to you, you can tell that person about God’s love. You will be able to tell them that God wants to give them the same mercy and grace!
You still are struggling to decide to do the right thing. There are so many excuses. But guess what? When you are before God, what decisions will you have wished you would have made? Make the right decision now.
First, get in mind the person or people who you are having trouble reaching out to.
Now, ask God to help you decide to think of them as He does.
Maybe get out a piece of paper, a journal, or something you can keep. You can write something like this: I have decided to think about X as God does. I have asked Him to help me in deciding this.
This is the next step: Ask God to help you see opportunities.
Maybe on that paper or journal you can write: I have asked God to help me find opportunities to reach out to X. I am not going to base my actions and feeling on what X does, but rather on God’s goodness and mercy. I have asked God to help me use these opportunities wisely, that is, so I will point to God in what I do and say. I’m not perfect, and I realize that. But I commit myself, today, to being godly. That is, seeking what God wills and living it out, by deciding to look past the sin to see the people God created.
Does that make sense?
Maybe not.
Because, if I got what I deserved…well, I’ve sinned. Sinners go to hell. Hell is real and some people die every day that aren’t saved. They go to hell. I’ve been saved. My heart cries out for people to turn to God. If I can do anything to help them see their way is not God’s way, and to lead them to God’s way or a little closer to God’s way, then I am doing my part.
I challenge you – commit yourself to God. Submit yourself to God. And reach out to others as He provides the opportunities.


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