Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Halloween, By Beatrix C.

Hi, Hillary Beth here! I asked the GGFG writers to share their thoughts on Halloween. As you think about this subject and more, reflect on these verses: Romans 12:2 and 1 Peter 3:15.


By Beatrix C.

Many Christians that “celebrate” Halloween often ask, “What’s wrong with Halloween?” Besides the fact it’s meant to celebrate the Devil, demons, monsters and such, I personally don’t think Halloween is a holiday any Christian should “celebrate.” Perhaps participating in trick or treating, and only that, is okay - which a lot of Christian families do. I don’t go trick or treating, though; my family believes that anything that has to do with Halloween is a no-no. But that’s my family; it’s not yours.

If it was a church event, where you’d just have a party, a costume party, or something to that extent, cool! My old church used to throw a costume party. Sure, there were the creepy skeletons and zombie decorations and stuff, but you know, it’s Halloween – they’re trying to keep up a little “scariness” here!

Now, my family goes to Happy Fall Festivals instead. The festival that I’ve been going to for years is a lot of fun! There are lots of bounce houses, food, and games where you can win candy! That’s what I do. It’s a good substitute for trick or treating or Halloween, don’t you think?


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