Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Growing Up, By Erin E.

Growing Up

By Erin E.

You blink, but when you get to the age you having been wanting to be, you find growing up is a main part of life. In points of your life you want to grow up faster than setbacks but after all of your impatience you must realize that God never intended on you being impatient, but He made sure you were born at the best time for you. He understands at points of your life that you will be impatient. As I realized when I was about 10, I couldn't wait to be 13, but now I am 13, and it is not at all as exciting as I first thought - weird but true. Even now, I can't wait to be 16, but soon I will be like, "Wow, this not as cool as I thought it would be." Still, I will be impatient. There's one saying that my dad's friend said that might bring this all together, "Don't wish your life away." You are always going to be tempted to be impatient no matter what it is about, but you can't let that urge to be older over take your life, because then you will unwillingly watch every thing in fast forward, not knowing what you missed, then thinking to yourself in 10-20 years "Why did I ever want to be older?" So don't spend all of your time wishing for something to happen when it is not the right time; just enjoy your life to the fullest and accept who you are right here, right now.


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