Friday, March 5, 2004

The Armor of God, By Hillary-Beth

The Armor of God

By Hillary-Beth

Do you get dressed every day? I'm not talking about putting on clothes - I'm talking spiritually!

Helmet of Salvation

Protects: your thinking. Our thoughts are to be pure and for God.

Breastplate of Righteousness

Protects: Emotions

Out of your affections are the issues of life - don't respond by just emotions, but by doing the right thing! God's way is the best way!

Belt of Truth

Ties in the Truth and keeps it there!

Learn the Truth. Know (remember) the Truth. Sift all else through the Truth. Grow in the Truth. Share the Truth.

Sandals of Peace

Carries the Gospel to the world! Be a peacemaker. Wherever God sends you, be a sharer of the peace of Christ, whether it's in your home, down the street, or across the world. "Those who are faithful in little will be faithful in much." You can be at peace in the midst of conflict! Just be dressed in the right uniform!

Shield of Faith

No matter how intense the battle, no matter how many temptations are thrown at you, you can find protection behind the shield of faith, which sits on the Rock, Christ.

Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God

It's offensive. It's defensive. It can be used with believers and unbelievers alike. It convicts and sets free.

When we fail to resist temptation, we've laid down our armor. Thought a bad thought? Go and find where you laid your helmet, soldier! Yelled at someone in anger? Strap that breastplate back on! Did you realize that there is no armor in provision for running away from these battles? And they are all in your head, your heart, so all the harder to fight!

Take your stand. You have a position as a child of God. In Christ stand firm. Every day. Make an impact. Bear witness. Go to the battlefield. God does the fighting for us if we only stand. He shares through us, not for us.


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