Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Naive: A Gift From God, By Christina

Naive: A Gift From God

By Christina M.

When you begin to become a teenager, many changes happen to your body and you begin to mature. You also learn many new things. It's difficult in the ungodliness of this world not to accidentally learn trashy thoughts. In fact, you can't watch just about any movie without hearing a profanity or seeing something that's inappropriate.

When you were little, you wouldn't have known what the bad word was or what they were doing was so wrong. But, because you're older, you understand. You're not so naive anymore.

Often, groups of girls talk about things, and there will be one girl who doesn't understand what they are saying and the other girls will make fun of her and call her a baby. I believe that it's wonderful when there are still naive girls, girls who don't know "everything."

I used to be one of those girls. My parents kept me out of the world and what, for most people, are perfectly normal things and sayings. However, as I got older, I eventually discovered these things for myself. I learned profane words and understood inappropriate conversations.

It wasn't all learned at one time, of course, it was a slow process. But before, there was a sense of innocence, sweetness. I thought the world was all delightful and a wonderful place to be. I've since discovered it's not. If you're still young, treasure those years. Be thankful to God you don't understand vulgar sayings and trash talk.


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