Tuesday, March 2, 2004

God's Acceptance, By Hillary-Beth

God's Acceptance

By Hillary-Beth Koenig

Do you ever feel like no one accepts you just the way you are? Do you constantly struggle to love others just as Christ loves us? Do you know that God accepts you totally and loves you completely?

God had created each of us to be unique. He designed us to be different and to serve special ways in specific places and certain times. As Christians, we are all members of the body of Christ, and we function best when every part is working how and where it should. Just because someone is not in the spotlight doesn't mean they're not as important. Just as no one sees the heart pumping blood, sometimes no one sees the compassion we show to others and the encouragement we give. We all have different personalities and quirks. Think about the people you love - they all do something that annoys you a little or is wild or silly, but you still love them!

God is glorified when we accept one another. But He cannot tolerate sin. We have to love one another despite the sin in hopes that they will change, but we cannot change other people - change only occurs when someone gives his life to God. Jesus was around people who lived in sin in order to bring them to Him. We ought to also, as long as the people aren't bringing us down with them and making us an ineffective witness.

Nothing we can do can make God accept us - He just does. We cannot do enough good works. Only faith will save. He accepts all who come to Him, as simply as that. We must accept His gift of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and rising again on the 3rd day to bring us eternal life. Then we are accepted into His family and into His presence.

God did not create us to sin and be separated from Him, but we chose sin. God gave us free choice. He wants to set us free from sin so we can be who he made us to be. If recurring sin of any kind is weighing you down, you cannot be fulfilling your potential in life. Only when you let Him set you free will you be able to be successful; then we are in His Will, doing what He purposed us to do.

Where'd that come from?

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