Monday, March 1, 2004

Get Involved - Volunteer! By Kimberly M.

Get Involved - Volunteer!

By Kimberly M.

Maybe when you read the title of this article, you thought, "Volunteering just isn't my thing." Or you might think, "Why should I? I've got better things to do!"

The Bible tells us to be kind to each other, and helping one another is a part of being kind! It's impossible to be absolutely helpful all the time, but you can at least take a few minutes each day to give someone a hand!

Here's a whole list for you to choose from!

Offer to help out some way in your church. See if they need any extra people to help out in the nursery, Help clean up after the service is over, or just ask someone in charge if there's anything you can do to help!
Do some weeding for your mom without being asked.
Volunteer to help take care of a neighbor's pet for free while they're away.
Offer to make a sibling's bed up for them in the morning.
Prepare a meal for your family to give your mom a break.
At a friend's birthday party, ask the person who's in charge if they need you to take pictures or serve food for them.
Offer to baby-sit a younger sibling for free if you're parents need to go somewhere.
If your family's thinking of having a yard sale, ask your parents if you can donate part of the money earned to charity.
Send a "thinking of you" E-card to a friend you haven't seen in a while.
Ask your parents if you can volunteer at a nursing home once a week to help out with food, helping the patients to get around in their wheelchairs, or anything else that might be needed to be done.

Now try and think of a few on your own, and write them down. And even if you don't enjoy volunteering, remember that your doing it for God.

That's what really counts.


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