Friday, September 11, 2015

Willing to Pay

Willing to Pay 

By Emily M., additions by Hillary Beth Koenig 

I was reading a book by Max Lucado and one of the headings was ....wait for it......WHAT IS YOUR PRICE?  It momentarily caught me off guard. What is my price? For what exactly? And I began to think. We are in this life temporarily, just like being on a stage. Our ultimate goal is to be in Heaven with our Father. But on a daily basis, we have choices to make.  
Are we willing to pay the price? What is more important, that backstreet abortion because you could not obey your parents, the bad mix with drugs because you were willing to sacrifice every good sense for a momentary high? Perhaps you think those are harsh examples. But who says that except for grace, one choice might lead to another, and you could be at just such a pivotal place of decision in your own life. What price are we willing to pay? 
Now, it is easier to make my decision. I would rather be on God's side. His gifts of obedience cannot be compared with anything on this earth. Sometimes it's painful to give up temporary pleasures, but in the end, He will look at you and describe you as a good and faithful servant.


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